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“Silver Peacock & Co helped me grow my business, from Bookkeeping to payroll to taxation, I focused on doing what I love the most.”

Raymond I
H2Flow Plumbing Solutions Pty Ltd

“Starting a business is never easy, the team at Silver Peacock & Co were there from day one, explaining all my options, discussed short and long term planning. The team helped me from business name registration to providing advice on my trade mark application.”

Rodi N
Revive Clinics Pty Ltd

“When I wanted to change my accountants, I was referred to Silver Peacock & Co. They are very hands on, responsive and don’t charge by the hour. Most of all I enjoyed their transparent and efficient bookkeeping and taxation services”

Jason I
Mobile Mart Pty Ltd

“The accountants at Silver Peacock & Co took care of all my accounts, bookkeeping, payroll and taxation. I never had to speak to the ATO or received any penalties since they became my accountants.”

Eddie P
Xpert Aircon Solutions Pty Ltd


“Our business is a family owned business for many decades. We operate in the education sector. Thanks to the help and experience of Silver Peacock, we were able to improve our staff retention rate, develop tax effective strategies, achieve asset protection through business restructuring. They have always simplified things, when they spoke to us, they spoke to us in terms that make sense. “


“Silver Peacock helped me apply for my electrical license through Fair Trading. They setup & structured my company, protecting my assets. Now I’m operating multiple companies in the construction industry. Thanks to team at Silver Peacock who take the time to explain things clearly and discuss options to keeping my tax to a minimum. Whenever there is government funding or business opportunities, they always inform me about them.”

Simone R

“Many accountants promise the world and don’t deliver, you get what you pay for. The team at Silver Peacock have always been there to answer every question I had, weekday or weekend, always there. They provided me with more than just accounting and taxation services.”

Gerrard F
Mobile Mart Pty Ltd

“I initially operated a small business in this industry, but after investing a lot of time with Silver Peacock discussing business automation options so I can streamline my operations, my business has grown and I have recently bought out one of my competitors in the industry. Silver Peacock helped me with all the strategies to take over the business.”

Tamer E