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Accounting for Construction Businesses

Silver Peacock adopts cloud based accounting systems allowing us to work on your business anytime and anywhere so your business can get the attention, dedication and commitment it deserves. Adopting this innovation has strengthened client relationships with Silver Peacock and allowing for more streamlined communication and data accessibility.

This simply means you will have instant access to your financial information and Silver Peacock can have real time tracking of performance indicators as we manage your business compliance and bookkeeping requirements.

Silver Peacock works closely with developers, builders and other tradespersons to ensure you are operating your business efficiently.


Tips for Builders & Developers:

“Cash Flow” these are two very important words we have found to worry most businesses in the construction industry regardless your scale of economy. Weather your expanding your business or funding a development project, the magic words have always been “Cash Flow”.

Silver Peacock helped many small to medium business enterprise in the construction industry by identifying and measuring cost drivers that have influence on and impacts the business cash flow. Understanding and controlling the various cost drivers in the business can help you make smarter business decision that will accelerate your cash flow. 

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Increasing Your Business Cash Flow

As a business in the building and construction industry it’s important to understand the cost drivers that impact your cash flow, some cost drivers are quantitative in nature others are qualitative. Some common areas of struggle for construction businesses are:

  • Timelines: It’s important to work within project timelines and deadlines, if the project takes long to complete, naturally this will reflect in your profits;
  • Interest rates: It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that fluctuation of interest rates will affect your holding costs, particularly mortgage repayment;
  • GST Implication: Understand your obligations so you can make the best decisions, for example, GST implication on property acquisition or GST on construction costs;
  • Insurances: Most builders struggle with obtaining the appropriate coverage of insurance for the project. Likewise, it’s important that your accounts are compliant with the home warranty insurance requirements;
  • Technology: Having streamlined system which allows you to invoice before you leave the job site means you can get paid quicker. We can assist you with the appropriate business automations;

How we have helped businesses in the construction industry:

It’s not magic, every business has its unique cost drivers that impacts its cash flow. Our expert accountants and tax specialists who worked with developers, builders, architects, engineers and many other tradies have overtime developed and adopted strategies that helped businesses trace costs to the relevant cost driver for example the cost driver of labour cost is labour hours. Here’s how we can help you steer the business to success:


Business Growth


Tax planning & Implementation


Cash flow management


Business strategy


Increasing profitability


Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

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