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Boost Customer Confidence

Author: Wagdi Wafik Andrawis
Registered Chartered Advisor, Tax Agent, Principal

Every business has to boost the confidence of their target market. We know that “It’s always easier said than done!”, isn't that always the case?. There are several ways a business can boost their target market confidence and we will mention a few.

Silver Peacock has found that most businesses that are successful have adopted these techniques. What’s a better way to grow your business than to learn from those who have done it right, right?

Boosting Customer Confidence

Boosting customer confidence means having a great market share of your target market. But this doesn't come easy or cheap. In today’s business environment, it's also competitive and can be challenging.

So, how do you gain a competitive edge over your competition, boost the customer confidence to be certain to pursue your business? There’s no short answer to this question, it's not a quick fix either.

To boost your customers confidence, they have to trust your business! Meaning, they will have trust in;

  • The quality of your service that you will provide to them;
  • The quality of the finished product you will complete:
  • The commitment and promises you make to them:
  • You that you will deliver to what you have agreed:
  • The price you quoted is the most fair price and they didn't get ripped off:
  • Your promise to complete the job in the timeframe and meet the deadline you promised:
  • Your business will not leave a mess behind after getting paid a deposit:

These are just to name a few. Often and Silver Peacock research and studies has shown that in most cases, these uncertainties and trust issues can be caused by several factors, it could be:

  • Bad past experiences with tradies in the same or similar trade:
  • Poor reviews online left about your business:
  • Another business with a similar business name causing confusion and delusion to the goodwill of your business
  • Negative word of mouth:

So, we can not really blame them for feeling the way they do. To minimise or eliminate these uncertainties, we have reduce or eliminate the trust gap that exists. By reducing or eliminating uncertainties, concerns or fears, you will boost your target market’s confidence.

You’re it!

This is the message we want to communicate to your customers, you’re it! There is no need to or reduce the prospects of your customer looking elsewhere. And if they do, give them a good reason to say that you're it!

There are many strategies we can adopt to gain customer confidence, and each will come at its own price depending on the size of your business. Most startup businesses must adopt effective strategies that will show results due to limitations in resources. These may include:

  1. Brand awareness: You are able to build brand awareness through various channels. These may include traditional or digital channels. Depending on your target market, you may decide on various strategies to achieve brand awareness.

    If your customer knows about your brand, they have heard about it before, having a good marketing mix will help in building the customers confidence in your brand. This gives them a sense of assurance.
  2. Brand association: There are so many ways you can establish this, the most common way is through a brand ambassador, other methods we have worked with our clients in the past is co-marketing and co-branding as well as sponsorships or strategic partnerships. 

    Bran association builders brand credibility, therefore, it is important to carefully choose who the brand ambassador will be or who the strategic partnership will be with, by having good equity partners, this gives your brand experience and resources.

In the past, Silver Peacock advised some of its clients to offer guarantees such as “Workmanship guarantee on work completed” with others, testimonies on the website from customers. Have a look at Silver Peacock website, Silver Peacock Facebook page and Silver Peacock Google reviews and find out if we practice what we preach.

If you have any questions, please contact Silver Peacock & Co and talk to one of our accountants and tax specialists by calling us on 1800 983 448 or send us an emil to


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